Monday, March 12, 2012

We Left and Now We Sing.

I'm taking a break from this full day to write.

Mostly because I can't stare at numbers, colors and paths for too long before I feel like I'm going mad. I know I'm getting tired when I look at a color on my couch pillow and wish I had an eyedropper tool to bring the color into a palette.

It's been a year since I packed up my car in Texas and hit the road with a two year old for a week of traveling with no real plan in mind.

A year since I lay still on the floor of my best friend's apartment and cried because dawn meant departure. Sunshine meant driving far. The wisps of pink on the Lewisville horizon meant we were headed north.

Denton had wooed me one last time, and I hoped that it would be enough to bring me back. But the road is long and far between New York and Texas, and I guess I just never imagined it wouldn't carry me home again. 

Life is weird.

Also, it appears I cannot give creative energy to too many things at once.

And since I've started writing more songs (and now posting them online), and prepare for an upcoming recording, my blog has gone quiet. I can throw my words and heart on screen or into lyrics, but not both, it seems.

Want to hear what I've been writing in music form?

Start here? :)


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