Monday, October 3, 2011

Why It's Worth It

"I think it's interesting when people ask me if it's hard being a single mom. I understand why people ask, but I don't think they're thinking when they ask.

Because really, single or married, parenting is hard.
It's hard with two hands, four hands, 10 hands.
It's hard no matter what — house, an apartment, two incomes, one income, siblings, no siblings.

It's hard because we love. It's hard because we, as parents, believe that our role as parents is

So I sing songs about nonsense,
spend time working on behavior issues,
listen and teach,
because I love her.
Because I believe that all these little things are part of God's unspeakable, beautiful work inside her that I can't see.

It's hard, but not because I'm a mom without a dad in this house. 

It's hard because I'm committed to her. I'm committed to being her mom and taking my role seriously."

I'm guest blogging over at Giggle, Glitz & Glam today. Join me, won't you?


  1. Beautifully said. My favorite line, and one that I completely agree with, is the sentiment that our role as parents is vital, ordained, and sacred.

  2. julie - thank you. it's hard to have that perspective in all the chaos and day-to-day, but when i glimpse it, it changes everything.