Monday, October 17, 2011

shooting straight.

I used to post blogs updating on life all the time. When my family was thousands of miles away, they wanted to know what my kitchen looked like, what my hair looked like, how we spent our hours on on our own.

Now my family is a morning's drive away... but then I have friends back in Texas who now ask the same. I'm grateful for blogs and facebook to keep us connected. But I supposed I should occasionally refrain from cryptic, poetic posts and just shoot straight.

So - are ya listening?

the home office today.

:: I sometimes pinch myself that I somehow get to do what I love from the comforts of my own home. Granted, I have to tell  myself to leave the house, get out and see the world. When working from home, it's so easy to just shut the doors and become a recluse. The problem with that is that I LOVE the outdoors. The leaves, this season, the wind, the smells... it all makes my heart skip a beat. (If you're curious about what my "day job" is, besides being a mom, click here to see my professional site.)

:: I dyed my hair. One of my best friends sent me a note after I did it and asked, "Is this a 'I can't control anything else' hair dye? Or is it just for fun?" I assured her, just for fun. It's growing on me. My mother tells me it makes me look more as I ought to look — Irish and all. She's always trying to get me to be more connected with the Motherland. I suppose red hair helps.

:: It is fall. The Texan in me is searching for my wool socks and digging out my sweaters. The rain feels cold and biting, and while others are strolling the streets with umbrellas, I'm wondering if it's cold enough for things to freeze yet. Lord have mercy on my Fort Worth feet.

:: But at least I get to bake these (pumpkin/cream cheese frosting sins cookies):

:: When I'm not working (with the BEST clients, I tell you. The BEST.) I have a little sweet who likes tea parties, staring out the windows at the birds and all other wonders. She turns three this week? Have I mentioned that yet? That I have an almost-three-year-old? Time flies.

:: We took a short trip to the mountains to visit my sister. That place will always be home. These hills hold so much of my history. Drove through the flood-tattered streets. Nursed a sick babe and drove back to Rochester.

the valley 

:: Otherwise, there is much to be grateful for. I don't know the big picture, but I know that there are plenty of small little reasons during the day to make me stop, smile, breathe deep, and look for hope. Long days lead to late nights, but I am grateful for the richness of it all.



  1. "I don't know the big picture, but I know that there are plenty of small little reasons during the day to make me stop, smile, breathe deep, and look for hope." What a beautiful sentence. What beautiful HOPE we have. Reminds of me of this Rich Mullins song:

    "From the place where morning gathers
    You can look
    sometimes forever 'til you see
    What time may never know
    What time may never know
    How the Lord takes by its corners this old world
    And shakes us forward and shakes us free
    To run wild with the hope
    To run wild with the hope

    The hope that this thirst will not last long
    That it will soon drown in the song not sung in vain
    And I feel thunder in the sky

    I see the sky about to rain
    And I hear the prairies calling out Your

  2. I am happier for having this.

    And a renewed "I can't believe I haven't met her yet" feeling. Which will one day be replaced by "I can't believe I haven't seen her in ... months/years/etc.) I will always wish we were close. Always.

  3. @Oaxacaborn - you, i am grateful for today. i'll say it on every public forum if i have to. :)

    @jacqs - it's silly really, that you haven't met her yet. i haven't met yours. it's silly and tragic. someday. i can't wait.

  4. love you:) thanks for the update, although i still think an awkward phone call from you trumps this post! skype soon! xoxo and give M a HUGE hug from me!

  5. @katy - for you i will always eek out an awkward phone call ;) you made it into my blog too! did you notice?

  6. Love the life update :)

    And I have been wanting to dye my hair, too. But I do want to dye mine because I can't control anything else. Which is why I haven't. Yet.

  7. @Julie - the fact that my friend asked why i dyed my hair should tell you that i have done it in the past for reasons other than "fun" ;) i say, do it! it's a mini-adventure of sorts.

  8. Lovely update! I'll admit that I'm not an abstract thinker/writer (in case you couldn't surmise that yourself from my blog) so I am happy for this straight shooting post.

  9. Peggy - you crack me up! i find it's easier for me to write abstract when i'm not really sure how to say what i want to say... then someone e-mails me and says, "Um. What the heck? How are you really doing?" Then blogs like this happen ;)

  10. I'm so glad that see to be settling into your move. I love the hair and the pumpkin cookies. :)

  11. yay for red hair!!! :D not that i am partial by any means. hahah. this was good. God is good. so thankful for the simple things that God gives you to delight in! miss you friend!

  12. Hello! I love your blog! Are you based in Fort Worth? I recently moved to Fort Worth this year after getting married...I'm new to the daily blog world, and I love your space and your words! Blessings to you!

  13. Sarah - I was in Fort Worth, but moved to the Northeast a few months ago. I know bunch of awesome FW peeps though if you're looking to connect with anyone! Shoot me an e-mail or find me on facebook! :) (andrea (at)