Wednesday, August 17, 2011

around here.

(thrifted cross-stitch... 25 cents, i think)

I'm around. Here and there.

No internet in the home yet means more time to unpack, unravel a bit.

Bury my nose in some books, a cup of coffee and baking in the kitchen.

Quiet hours watching rain fall on fire escapes, and busy afternoons of toddler bikes and trips down the elevator.

Life is an ebb and flow. Sometimes it's small, sometimes it's easy. Sometimes it all pushes at once and I'm back against my front door breathing deep as the world spins beneath me. So sorry it's all been rather quiet lately. I am letting summer squeeze out every last drop of my sweat as I work, and live, and let it be.

In the meantime, here's our new home: 

(thrifted mugs, french press, grandmother's canisters)
(fuchsia hanging plant, grandmother's table, thrifted old bottle, basket of cookbooks & fresh veggies)
(thrifted and hand-me-down aprons)
(a house of girls needs reminders like these)
(original painting, thrifted ladder & lamp, books, huffy cruiser bike)
(cake stand with fresh baked goodies, sign from Cracker Barrel, clock from mama)


  1. cutest place ever. man, can i be like you when i "grow-up"?

  2. Bianca - you crack me up. Last I checked, you were well on your way to being a decorator-extraordinaire. I love your crafts and home projects!! :)

  3. So cute! So homey! Very nice...

  4. so fun! so cute! can't wait to visit some day :) thanks for sharing

  5. LOVE. Thanks for sharing it FINALLY =)

  6. maureen — thank you!
    liz — come visit meeee! :)
    lo — you're welcome.