Saturday, July 30, 2011

window shopping.

Maybe it's because I'm leaving for Texas in a couple of days.

Or because I really, really, read: REALLY cannot wait to get into my new place and start making a home...

But I'm window shopping like crazy online as I work, and wait, and stay with friends. I'm not sure my northeast friends will love or appreciate all of the Texas love here, but Texas just grows on you. (Take my word for it!) And in my case, it really just has a piece of my heart.

(More the people have a piece of my heart, and those people are in Texas. And they love Texas, so...)

Also, my walls end up becoming a giant canvas for all the things I think are beautiful, cute, or just fun! I want to put all of these things on my walls. (The #2 Sundays are for Lovers prints ...I love.)

To balance it out, I added some maps I'm eyeing as well....for you anti-Texas friends.

Dear Lord, please let this flea market visit tomorrow be fruitful and cure my window-shopping woes.

I also realized yesterday that I need to get a couch. So, commence window shopping for that as well.

1. U.S. Map Featuring Texas from deLovely Arts
2. Sundays are for Lovers, breadandbuttershop
3. Pinterest
4. Pinterest (HGTV)
5. Pinterest (
6. be creative print, HoneycombPrintshop
7. Pinterest (
8. my heart belongs in texas, bopeepbaby
9. NY State Map, Ebay
10. World Map, contemporary, Ebay
11. home is where the art is, dearcolleen
12. the sweet life, dazeychic


  1. Andrea...I LOVE #1...thanks for sharing!! Eventually I will start to decorate my house and this will definitely have a home on my wall!

  2. yay! i'm glad you love it! :) i knew my tx friends would enjoy some of these.