Monday, July 25, 2011

"To see the summer sky is poetry, though never in a book it lie - true poems flee." -emily dickinson

We took a slow stroll through this quiet town tonight.

all images by: theorganicbird
Can I just have a lifelong dose of summer walks? In small, mountain towns?

After summer storms, it all feels like a page ripped from a storybook.
Gray, low-hanging clouds make all of the colors rich. You can almost taste the green.
Old, worn wood and siding looks beautiful.
Overgrown brush is now wildly romantic.
Wild raspberries fall loose into our hands, sweet on our lips.
Misty and cool, the mountain behind us shadowed us all the way home.

If these trees could talk... they would tell you to keep walking and not listen to the praises and laments of my 28 years here on earth. It would just take too long. I've sat under these pines for hours, finding a holy sanctuary with my Father amidst the hidden patches of earth on these hills. My sister and I recently talked about Eve, and her home in the Garden. And I wonder if that's why I feel so much peace here. 

I know the word says that creation groans, waiting for the redemption. Just as Adam fell from grace, the earth fell with him and waits for the new. But I like to think when creation becomes a meeting place for the Holy, it returns to Eden, if only for a few moments. 

So we walk, and I remember, and pray for new to come soon. To my heart. To the stories that we tell. To this earth.

So again, I wish these summertime strolls would linger on in our hearts, in memory.

Soon, very soon, we head west. This summer will be a beaten down path that took me there but to which I cannot return. It's growing over behind me, branches snapping back, so forward we go.


  1. Pray for new to come. What a beautiful thought. I am so thankful that even as it groans as is still so beautiful and we can delight in that.

  2. critty - isn't it wonderful that though the earth was cursed, he still left us some beauty? i think that is grace right there.

  3. beautiful....i wish i could get into the photos, you know. like jump back into the summer beach sunsets in an instant....

  4. How we all long for the new that only Jesus can bring.


  5. I could get lost in these pictures, especially because of the drought we are makes me long for the lush, the full, the deeply-watered.

    But sitting here looking, my thirst is a bit quenched.

  6. Glenda - Yes. So much. Thank you for stopping by.

  7. Jen — I realized after I posted this that there is drought in a lot of places. We were in a long dry stretch as well before the skies opened up and rained on us. I'm glad your thirst was quenched a bit. Praying for rain for you.

  8. Walks in mountain towns...this makes me miss my mountains of Colorado.

  9. Amy - oh, Colorado. Every time I visit & leave, I feel the missing. I can only imagine how much more it is if they have been your mountains and your home. *sigh*