Friday, July 15, 2011

how to drag out a move.

1. Decide you're going to move.
2. Wait eight weeks.
3. Confirm with everyone that "Yes" you are moving and "Why would you ask even such a silly question? What gave you any indication that I'm not?".
4. Acknowledge that you're moving.
5. Walk around your home several times remarking how you don't remember having so much stuff when you moved in.
6. Get boxes.
7. Start with the books.
8. Try to pick those boxes up.
9. Empty boxes.
10. Start packing closets.
11. Find bag of toys that was meant to go to salvation army.
12. Give bag of toys back to crying child who claims she "loves" that coloring book.
13. Find a box of papers from 10th grade.
14. Sit on the floor and read them for two hours.
15. Eat zucchini bread.


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