Wednesday, June 8, 2011

scattered wednesday.

this week —

:: Buying books and listening to people on porches who tell me I should buy such books. Boys who became men, girls who became women, right before my eyes. Now I'm just a girl who sits and marvels what happens when you step out of a life and step back in.

:: Sitting in old offices where I once sat years ago. Staring out old windows. Same room. Same windows. Same building. New heart.

:: Experiencing the restoration and joy that comes in the form of back porches creaking, rivers wide, breakfast islands, cups of coffee, painting, open beds, candles flickering, and peonies blooming.

:: Peanut butter granola is amazing. Really. Unless you're allergic, which I'm not. So it's amazing.

:: Nothing brings me more joy than being where I am. Not thinking about what to blog, what to tweet, Facebook updates, etc, etc. Being where I am at the precise moment I am there is a beautiful, peaceful, refreshing thing. It's also lovely when others are there as well, phones and computers sitting quietly under bedspreads or in bags. Lovely.

:: On that note, I've responded to e-mails, posted proofs, and made sure there are no loose ends that need to be tied. I am closing the computer and going to be with the people I'm with.

Have a lovely Wednesday. :)


  1. Know what I love? I love that I know every single thing you're talking about in this post. I know the people, I know the porches, the offices, I probably could even guess the books. Ha. I love that.

    And I miss you so much it HURTS in my HEART.

  2. Although I do not know the porches, people or books. I can identify with the vivid picture your words paint. Your talents as an artist through so many mediums is obviously devinely given. I miss these faces and the hugs

  3. lo - i know you know most of it. isn't it fun to be in on secrets? :) i miss you too.
    brenda - we miss you too. you are on the short list of people to see when i come back to visit!