Friday, May 6, 2011

the time of surprises and youth

:: Once there was a boy who was winning my heart. But alas, I was 17 and I didn't know what it really meant to fall in love, let alone stay in love, and as stories go, I butchered it up fairly well with my own two hands. But when love was young and rosy-cheeked and fresh cut, he left a peony in my car while I studied in school. A pink peony that smelled of pursuit and giddy happiness. It's always this time of year, when May is somersaulting and June is shouting on the near horizon, I always think of that pink peony. It will always be the pink peony that brings my heart to flush and flutter, no matter how old I get. Youth is love and after-school surprises.

"Sometimes," said Pooh. "The smallest things take up the most room in your heart."


  1. It would have been even more special if he left a pony in your car.

  2. A pony with a bell around it's neck that you could later let a little fairy princess swallow would be the most special of all, the gift that keeps on giving

  3. Andrea, I love your words and I don't know Ben or Brenda, but they crack me up.

  4. it is funny how little things like a peony can instantly transport us back to a time...maybe before all "yuck" has transpired when things were new and beautiful and you never thought they would be any be in that time again..after school was out. A whole different world now some 25 years later:) Happy Friday friend:)

  5. Ben and Brenda - two peas in a pod who don't even know eachother!! :)
    Amy, Tiffini, Kim — thanks for stopping by! It is amazing how even a flower is a mini- time machine. :)