Saturday, May 28, 2011

saturdays like these.

today was
early rising and garage sales
picking through other people's trash to find treasures
rummage sales and old ladies giving free junk things to my daughter *sigh*

today found
old books and pretty fonts
titles that inspire and titles that i love
a "treasure box" from my mom to my little
vintage badminton rackets and a forgotten net collecting dust

today rested in
afternoon naps on tattered quilts
and sunshine on my shoulders

today chattered
with mom, sister, niece, jewelry and busy roads
rings and things, heels and such
and my hair knotted on the very top of my head
garden sweat not yet rinsed
and while that may seem unladylike,
i assure you, i don't think anyone noticed.

today the clouds were light
and i tried to lay down my heart
and muffled prayers into grass
and tried to air out these things that
seem unaddressed and undressed within me
all those things that fall in between books
and open threads
and hopes that slip out of lips
carried off into silence on the back of my company of ants
i rested
in those quiet moments
in between all that
today was.


  1. Thank you for sharing this...especially the last part. I've lurked for a bit...but I've been enjoying your blog for a few weeks now!

  2. Bobbi - I love when lurking turns to saying "hello"! :) lurk away! and I'm so glad you are stopping by :)