Monday, May 16, 2011

nothing so unexpected.

It's just Monday. The same kind of Monday I'm familiar waking to. The green outside our windows is accentuated by the rolling gray. Fog in the valley. Mist on the pine and willow. Low clouds bringing drops of rain. A giant cocoon bringing this earth through its annual renewal.

My hair is knotted on top of my head, a small floral braided headband holds all my wisps back as I bend to pull muffins out of the hot stove, answer toddler hugs and requests, balance the steaming coffee in my hands over books, luggage and notepads. My day is tallied by the 10 items I've set before me as must-dos.

Isn't this just it sometimes? Sometimes discovering the "wind that blows where it wishes" (john 3:8) means being ok with the mundane. It means accepting whatever the Lord gives us as good and useful, intentional in His work in my life.

And that whatever is not pouring out from Him, whatever things he is not giving, whatever it is I feel he has withheld or taken away...That's good too.

Today I have breath, that soaks into these lungs and sends oxygen racing through my veins. Toes wiggling under blankets and rain, rain, rain that pours on the roof, and flower beds. Today we have heavy trees and bird baths spilling. We have warm berry muffins, hot coffee, milk and hugs for no reason.

There are e-mails of hope, of future, of excitement. Phone calls of trepidation, truth and change. Moments to practice forgiveness, to witness restoration. Opportunities to let go, give back, lean in, allow humility, forget self. Clocks ticking, Wonder pets singing and the ease of a life scheduled by God and not my own lists. (Because lord knows, my lists need lists.)

These things and the things between the lines. The taken, the given, the withheld, the nevers. These are all good.

I will tuck more wisps into the roses and vine headband, brush her curls behind her ears, and say,

hello Monday.


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