Wednesday, May 25, 2011

all in a day.

I don't normally write about theological things. It's not because I don't think about them, or discuss them, or have my opinions and viewpoints on them. Mostly, it's because when I sit to write, I sit to tell stories. About my day. Or life. Or experiences. 

(Sometimes they come out with my theology.) 

Sometimes my theology is tucked in the corner, or in my words, or in my heart. 

So this experience of writing with Lore has been a word workout for me. A good one. One that makes me take care with the words I choose, and why. It's been an unfolding beauty of remembering and challenging, and has made me revisit some things in my heart I thought I had already decided on.

Then there's times like this morning and I just want to write about the little bird. And how this morning she looked at me and said:
M: I want melonade.
Me: ...(about to speak)...
M: Menonlade.
Me: (smiles)
M: Lenodame.
Me: (waiting)
Me: We don't have any.


  1. Adorable! Thanks for a chuckle and a smile!!

  2. Love it. My kids can never remember either.

  3. Do you know? I miss you? Terribly. I've been catching up on blogs because I've just been snowed under. But, here, I have a moment. And I just want to say it. You are precious.

  4. Maureen - she's always good for a laugh :)

  5. Sarah - i can't believe how funny/cute the things she says can be. Sometimes I don't correct her because it's just that cute!

  6. Jen—thank you. for taking a moment to pour some love into my heart. it means so much. can't wait to link up again with you amazing girls.