Monday, February 21, 2011

Regarding the white tablecloth, the sunshine, laughter, hum of insects and smell of flowers:

I've been reading Charlottte Mason's "Home Education" (thank you Dee!), I've felt reaffirmed in my "children need to be outside, experiencing dirt, air, worms and flora" mantra. My current little abode doesn't allow for much flora or fauna, but this spring... there will be a'plenty. This will be our backyard to play in while the earth comes back to life these next couple months.

Doesn't it go without saying that God speaks (even sometimes shouts, shakes, whispers, nudges, reveals, teaches) through His Creation?

We stand in the sun, to bask in its warmth. Our own skin cries out for light; longs to be covered and whole. We witness life return in places that not long ago were buried and dead. Now we see that pruning was necessary and even good. Spring rains stir up the rich soil that has been soaking and breaking down. We prepare our seeds for the garden. Mountaintops hold holy moments of silence, and then we see clearly. From valleys, the river bed still drains the winter ice, washing the soles of our feet as we sing and it echoes up the hillside to the blue sky.

Yes. I'm taking us outdoors this spring. Glory and Hallelujah.

"...And, meanwhile, children are storing lots of glad memories of a happy childhood. In their old age, the memories of the shadows playing on the white tablecloth, the sunshine, laughter, hum of insects, smells of flowers are being filed away in their minds to gladden their thoughts later."— Charlotte Mason, Home Education

... early morning and late night cups of coffee. {172}
... road trip ideas and maps = plans to see so many faces. {173}
... inspired music. {174}
... little girl kisses and made-up songs. {175}
... a reliable car. (insert sigh of relief) {176}
... hands covered in glue and paint. {177} beat up sandpaper. {178} and finished projects. {179}
... the smell of a brand new tiny baby, who is so perfectly petite and rosy, i could have (and may have) cried. {180}
... laying out under the stars to count them and lose track. {181} and then finding Cassiopea and Draco in that dark sky. {182}
... the warm sun {183}, a warm breeze {184} and the faint hope that spring may be arriving soon. {185}



  1. Smiling big, can't wait to share it all.

  2. yay spring! and hikes! and picnics!

  3. Andrea - wow! I just SO get you! I LOVE Charlotte Mason...used it some when homeschooling my older three. Those pictures are gorgeous!! SO good for kids to be out in that...just my opinion:)

  4. dee - can't wait.
    kendal - thank you friend.
    erin - thanks for stopping by!
    abby - me + you=watch out northeast.
    tiffini - i love this comment! and i love hearing about other people's ideas too! let me know if you have blogged about it!

  5. I love the Charlotte Mason quote. I'm not familiar with the book, I'll have to check it out. And I agree with the mantra. I'm constantly shooing my oldest two outside to play.

  6. I’m visiting from Ann’s today. I know it’s Wednesday – but there are so many!!

    First – amen – it’s through his creation sometimes he speaks the loudest – and most clear.

    And I heart your pictures!!

    I always pick a favorite - and my favorite of yours today was ~ ... laying out under the stars to count them and lose track. {181} and then finding Cassiopea and Draco in that dark sky. {182} (funny how we all have our favorite – I couldn’t find those if they had the lines between the stars – well maybe then – mine is Orion with that three star belt – and Venus – though guess that doesn’t really count :)

    God Bless you and all of yours this day.