Monday, September 13, 2010

we are rich men.

Returning to the usual, joining the greater community of those who say, "Wow. Thanks." for simple things.

holy experience

It always seems that when I return from an overseas trip, my gratitude takes different forms. It's as though for a few short weeks, my worldview is tinted slightly. I walk like a shadow to myself, looking over my own shoulder, seeing things as precious and worthy of stopping.

The Gospel becomes more poignant, so beautifully simple and inviting. The evenings are quiet, great joy to be discovered in flickering candles and dim lights. Mornings are slow stirs of peace.

thankful, just for the luxuries we do have:

  • clean water, from a faucet
  • above-poverty living conditions
  • no disease-inducing bugs
  • health
  • parents and grandparents

thankful, for things that really don't matter, but really do matter (even though they don't):
  • macintosh apples, from an early harvest in NY, from the family farm of people I love
  • good music that makes me tap my toes, hum, sway and listen really closely
  • my daughter's feet that have finally stopped growing (for now) (i probably just jinxed this)
  • coffee that i can drink slowly, holding the hot cup closely and as my brother-in-law says "women make love to their mugs"
  • a really good, captivating, "i can't stop listening" story

and the things that make life rich. for we are all rich men. 
  • laughing til my face muscles cramp
  • surprise letters in the mail from people i love
  • friends who pop-in to say hello because they know they can
  • watching my little girl discover the world, and balloons
  • seeing the work of Christ's redemption and grace in my life and in someone else's life
  • the nearing of Autumn

"Content makes poor men rich; discontentment makes rich men poor” — Benjamin Franklin

Enjoy a rich, contented Monday.


  1. I'm glad you are feeling a bit more restd, on even ground.

  2. are you trying to tell me there are macintosh apples that are NOT computers?

  3. Peggy - indeed. that's what i'm saying ;)