Tuesday, February 15, 2011

picking up where i left off

Last year, I chose gratitude. It was a lifeline in my storms. In other's storms. I spent some time this past week scrolling through old blogs, remembering the past few years of blogging on this forum and my old one. The thin line that pulled me through and beyond was the gift of grace & gratitude, inspired by the one. and. only. Anne Voskamp.

As I've started reading One Thousand Gifts, I'm reminded why I joined up with this in the first place. It's not a silly thing. It's not at all trite. It's changed my life.

My brother has joked that I edit my life, but he and I both know, beauty is worth finding.

So I'm picking up where I left off.

We wake to sun. Warm, smiling sun. That was this weekend. Every moment squashed full of giggles and errands, love and honesty.

... a night at the rodeo, with friends and mexican fajitas. {164}
... dinner with Texas family, who bake my favorite box cake, slather it up with chocolate frosting and laugh at me as I can't remember my age. {165}
... and a day of singing and being with friends (who really are family in my heart). {166}

... and a cookie picnic. {167.}  Dolls and puppies pulled out into the warmth. {168.} Out on feather-filled blankets. {169.} White skirts and polka dots. {170.} Girls and tumbling. {171.} Does it get any better than this?

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  1. Love how her hair blends in with the ... grass? ... :) and thankful that you post about being thankful.

  2. i adore reading everyone's thankfuls! and such great pictures!

  3. I need to start listing my thankfuls, it is so great, and powerful to focus on the good. Thanks for sharing yours.

  4. you so have a lifeline girl.
    beauty is worth finding...thinking lots about that lately.
    Your family is gorgeous...reminds me of a cd cover??:)
    and I like you boots

  5. standing with you in thankfulness!

  6. beautiful thanksgivings, beautiful pictures. Beauty surrounds you, friend.

  7. oh my gosh! she is getting so big and is so beautiful! :D yay!!!

  8. I really really love this post. :) For so many reasons. Cookie picnics, being thankful, friendship, love. the best. the best. xo

  9. Your daughter is beautiful, and I am totally stealing your cookie picnic idea.

  10. friends - thank you - all of you. i'm grateful for each of you too. thanks for sharing in these simple joys with me :)

  11. that last one. oy, my heart. can't wait to meet/hug/get to know that little ling ling.

  12. I love the idea of counting blessings. I've just put this book into my Amazon cart.

  13. abby - i can't wait either.
    julie - you will love it!