Tuesday, January 4, 2011

No Requirements Here

I want to blog. I need to write. I've even returned to ink and paper with my journal lately. I forgot how wonderful that is. (When is the last time you sat down to write without the possibility of any public acclaim? It's worth it. Good for the heart.)

My evenings are spent with my nose in a book, lately this one.

My soul feels a bit bare, but not in the scary deathly way. More in the wintry, waiting for new life kind-of-way. My brittle branches are reaching toward the light, absorbing the warmth, anticipating the inevitable burst of green.

Around here, afternoons are spent in music, writing and scratching out lyrics that will probably be later replaced with seemingly better and more poetic ones.

Somewhere in there, I'm working.

And parenting.

And thrift shopping (to find lovelies like this $12 coffee table.)

Somewhere in there, I'm squeezing in social gatherings, some of which I should probably just leave out, but I don't want to, so I won't.

I'm waking up as the sun rises to move, to walk, to run. I'm letting my eyes droop shut over above said books. From dawn to long after dusk, life moves and chases, loves and breathes.

And, I really, really just want to blog.

I'm determined to not blog just because another day has come and I'm putting pressure on my mind to be witty and charming.

I won't blog out of requirement.

But I will blog because I like you. You friends. This community. It's a whole other world that is beautifully broken, and I like you all for it.

(Though between you and me, I'm feeling another rant blog coming on soon. How fun will that be?)

Back to my books, music, coffee and lists. Happy Tuesday!


  1. Andrea,
    I always enjoy my stops here. Your pictures are amazing, and yes, I need to pick up that 'ol pen and journal and write just to write.

  2. I too love to blog, even if my words are flawed and silly at times, because this community of women is so awesomely amazingly, brokenly at times, but always beautiful!

  3. This just simply melts my heart. Pure, water-rushing in, sanctity, sanity. All around lovely. SO glad you are a part of this.

  4. I love the way your write it is so beautiful.

    Beautifully broken community...amen to that and I am SO thankful it is that...and that I am a small part of it.

    I love to blog too...it is the thing I look forward to most days with an anticipation of sharing words and ideas.... writing...it makes me happy and spurs something within my heart.

  5. we must be kindred spirits:) I love your heart sharing...I get it! I too am a pencil and paper girl. I will always write in my journal. I look forward to it. All my kids will have to fight over my journals. I have quite a few now. Might be a life story in there lol

  6. Streams of living water flow here...I feel the connection, the similarities, the free spirit. I like you too, and we haven't even met. But yes, let's be friends? Blessings always.

  7. You all are too kind! I'm so glad to share in this community with each of you. What a treasure :)

  8. Doing what you do because you WANT to...so much better than doing it out of requirement. Something beautiful about love and free will hiding under there.

  9. Andrea - I know the feeling about blogs. There are times that I have to kick myself into blogging because life is so ....

    I love your coffee table find. I should show you my new shirt I purchased at the local thrift store. :)