Monday, December 27, 2010

((tap tap)) is this thing on?

I'm taking a break from this regularly scheduled overloaded work day to say some things.

image courtesy of weheartit
The dawning of a new year is upon us. The proverbial sun is casting pink and orange hues on my dark soul. I've got that beautiful, carefree joy, that isn't really care-free at all, but just weight-free.

Personally, in the non-proverbial sense, I love the early morning. ((It's true I do.))

There's something sacred about watching a day begin. There are invisible things that happen to inspire even the greatest poets and dreamers
... when the morning birds begin their song,
the air still fills crisp with night
and the possibilities for what can be done, should be done, won't be done seem endless.
image courtesy of weheartit

Early mornings with the sun just peeking over the buildings and trees.
...with my cold toes creaking on old wooden steps.
...with silent prayers and ancient words, habits learned from my mother.
...when hurts have disappeared into the night.
...dreams still feel very real and very attainable.
...all the hopes of life can be unwrapped with each soft step.

(oh...we're not talking about mornings anymore, are we?)

How I love things that are made new. I wonder if this is the God-part of me. The love for redemption.
The dark turning to light.
The turning of the calendar.
The tabula rasa.
The entre nous between creator and creation as we look at what is new and say, "it is good."


  1. This is just lovely. Also inspires me to get up early and get my run in before the rest of the world awakes...

  2. Sunrises are my favorite, too! The first light of morning never ceases to take my breath away. And it illuminates every bit of God's creation. He's so good to us! Love you friend...thanks for this beautiful reminder of why I LOVE the morning so.

  3. Jen — the morning is my favorite time to run!
    kendal — thank you :)
    amy — so good. do you think that's one way God communicates with us, through communing in his creation?
    jamie —me too - never fails!