Tuesday, December 14, 2010

right on time, as i planned it.

"Blog consistently," say the pros.

Really? Gahh. I don't like blogging when I feel like it's work. That's why it's here and there, all around the square and such things. I blog when I have something to say, verbalize and sometimes just when I need to think outloud...in a public forum.

(That is perhaps the equivalent of me walking into a crowded mall and yelling/rambling, maybe near the Gap or Aunt Annie's pretzels.)

(p.s.s. This is yet another confession of my amateur status.)

Yet I'm glad that you read. Whether I'm blogging on a Wednesday at 5 p.m., or a Sunday at 6 a.m., you wander about this little nest.

That really means a lot to me. A whole bunch of meaning packed in your browsing.

That being said, here's the blog I meant to post Friday. :)


I have to post my favorites every now and then. Sometimes because I don't know how else to say... "I want to send Hershey's Mint Truffle Kisses to all these people/creators/thinkers/friends."

So I just put them here and gush. Enjoy.

1. Ruggles Stitch.

I don't know Alexia but I think she's one of the coolest people I've ever not met. I don't actually remember how I found her blog, but she became one of my favorites immediately. She also makes these super-cute cross-stitch hoops. You should go buy one of her hoops for someone for Christmas. A couple of them are on my wishlist!

Ruggles Stitch Etsy
Her blog 

2. Bryan John Appleby

The first time I saw this guy's video, I watched it over and over and over again. His words. His voice. The two are like coffee and toast. If you know me at all, you know there is no greater combination. Except now for Bryan John Appleby. He beats coffee and toast.

Go buy his album. Pick your price and download the digital files. Or spend $5 and order the actual CD. Either way, go get some.

His website

3. 2011 Calendars

Maybe it's the prospect of a new year. New things. New numbers. New days. I'm ready for the new. I'm hoping third's a charm, since the past two years have been not so charming. I would really love to have one of these in my home to help ring in the year.


  1. I laughed as I read your amateur post. I often feel that way in this little ole world of blogging...but finally this year I have found what works for me. I try to be consistent...and I write when inspiration strikes (sadly it always seems to be before bed when I need sleep!) and I keep a notebook handy for when I cannot use the computer and I just don't feel like it. So some weeks I have posts stored up and others I feel dry. It's still fun. And I love the community and I love writing. :o)

    Umm seriously that man's voice. Wowzers. Going to his website now to get some goodness.

    I adore new calendars. All fresh and just waiting to be filled with goodness (or work things you know...ordinary...blah!)

    Can I just say...you're fun and I like your words. :o)

  2. Thanks so much for blogging about my cross stitch hoops!! And thanks for the kind words! :)

  3. Thank you for posting the links :) I'm dying to hear the song but my computer's sound isn't working. The title alone has me drawn in! :)

  4. Thanks for posting my video. That was a very nice thing you said about the coffee and toast. I am recording a new album that should be ready in about six months so stay tunes for more. Hope you have a great christmas