Tuesday, November 30, 2010

making new friends.

there are no words. 

i just can't find them, place them, pick them, enjoy them,

so i'm not saying anything except...

on a day like today, these are my best friends.

i'm glad we met almost 3 months ago now 

(even though you are a newer version of your old self).

you, my little friends, know more about me than i probably even know about myself.

you are my access to finding some peace.

dear new best friends of almost three months,

please stick around for a long time.

much love and some mud,

the girl


  1. Are these hiking shoes? Running shoes? I can't tell, but I can relate. My running shoes, although they have had many versions of themselves, are my sweet cushion on this life's road.

    I love this -- little things that so brighten my day. This is definitely not a nothing post!

  2. Yeeesssssss...my soul sistah... :)

  3. "Much love and some mud." I like this. I'm going to read again!

  4. Jen & Leighton — running shoes :) they are like quiet confidants. they hear everything i talk/cry/ramble about when no one else is there. running is becoming something i do just as much for sanity as i do it for fitness.

    amy - the mud is inevitable :)

  5. That is one of my goals for the new year...to start a close and comfortable relationship with a new pair of running shoes. You make it sound all the better :)

    Plus shoes have tongues but never tell your secrets :P

  6. Critty — I love that! :) "shoes have tongues but never tell your secrets." And running has quickly become one of the best goals I've ever committed to! You won't regret it.