Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Little Mood Music

This day. Oh heavens. This day.

This day of sniffling and sneezing. Nyquil naps and Hylands for the young one. The Family Stone is on repeat, and all I keep thinking is "I can't wait to get back to the North."

My nose stings with sneezing, and my little bird keeps asking to watch more Dora. (If I have to hear that cartoon girl and her pet monkey travel through an imaginary land one more time, I might swing a bat through my television.)

So naturally, tonight was the perfect night to set up the tree, right?

Of course. Hot chocolate + Christmas music + childhood wonder makes any sick day brighter.





  1. Re: Dora: "Swinger, no swinging!!" Hmm, somehow that sounded better in my head...

    I remember good ol' Hylands from when my kidlets were little.

    Perhaps tomorrow, things will be you say, at least they are brighter!

  2. Dora the girl with the football head. What a great idea. Decorating always makes everything feel better or is that chocolate?

  3. Precious. I have to say, I agree -- a perfect mood lifter!

  4. @Sarah

    For now the television is off, so I think I'll put the bat down :)

  5. @Michelle

    i think as long as decorating is paired with chocolate, the world is at peace. :)

  6. @Jen

    a definite mood lifter! sometimes being intentional is all it takes to turn something around!