Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"It's raining. You sure you want to run?" He asked.

"Yeah, I am."

Coming back here is so much more than just a couple mile radius. When I come back, I'm attempting to extract. To listen. And yes, to even leave these four walls when I probably could be under a blanket.

Sometimes I need to move to find it.

Gratitude. Safety. Roots.

Where fires glow, keeping off the chill until we gather enough of Gramma's old afghans and quilts to wrap around our tiny toes.

My feet kick along muddy roads.

 Running for routine, for submission, for the breath to empty out and fill again. The fields have been harvested, almost barren now, waiting for the covering.

The winter hush is just beyond those hills, I know it.

There's something to be said for identifying home. Calling it sacred. Then abiding.

For finding that feather-filled nest to rest a weary heart. Lay it down gently. Let words spill like streams of water. Creaking forests collect secrets and tuck them in their roots like steady old friends.

We are thankful. I am thankful. We cup eachother's faces, wrap arms around brothers, and whisper "I love yous" when it seems the most unexpected, and the most needed. 

I ask the seven-year-old nephew,
as he pulls out a math book and claims a craving for an orange,

"What are you thankful for Bannon?"

He pauses and smiles broadly.

"Friends. I'm thankful for my friends."

I like the way his blue eyes twinkle.

I like that we are tapping toes on the same solid oak table, making my coffee ripple slightly. 

"And you," he adds.

"I'm thankful for you."

"Me too bud. I'm thankful for you too."

(I'm linking up today with Jen and the gals over at Finding Heaven for the Soli Deo Sisterhood!)


  1. mmm. beauty.

    i love home and i love how you captured it.

    enjoy your time there!

  2. So beautiful..the words and the pictures.

    Happy Thanksgiving,


  3. Oh! You made it! I read your post yesterday and thought you might not get to link up today. This post inspired me...as a person and as a writer. I mean, it hit me spiritually and also has made me think about being more creative in my posts. Thank you. Have a wonderful time with your family!!

  4. Your first picture is so perfect! I love the mist and the color of the building.

  5. You create the most beautiful word pictures. Seriously. And then you add the photos...icing on the cake.

    Love this. I could just imagine it.

    Hope you enjoy your time home!

  6. Thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday. I love this piece and the photos. I also checked out your pillow case project. I love it very very much.

  7. thank you friends :) I hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving!