Friday, November 19, 2010

Deer Heads, Denton Thrifting and CrossProcess

friday favorites

My first appointment this morning was cancelled, so I was able to sneak up to Denton (AKA the hipster capital of North Texas) before my next calendar item. Wandering aimlessly around thrift/antique/junk stores is one of my favorite ways to kill time. You never know what will surprise you around the next rickety shelving unit. (Example: The above deer head. It was kinda creepy.)

So that's what I did for the bit of time I had. I took out my phone and snapped away with my favorite iPhone app (CrossProcess) and boy, Denton had some fun things to see today.
Something in me felt compelled to buy this.
I didn't, but it was like my Polish blood started hopping in my veins.
I mean, how can you turn down "Seven Beers with Wrong Woman"?
Oh if only I had hours to sort through these. But I didn't. Not today at least. 
I kinda loved these. Not head over heels. But enough to snap a photo.

Almost bought. Admired instead and talked myself out of it by imagining
the horror of my two-year-old tearing the pages out.
Collecting dust. Sad. It was marked at $56, so someone knows it shouldn't be collecting dust. Still sad.
"Why aren't cameras this cool anymore?" (I say as I take a picture with my iPhone)
I just really liked these. They made me smile.

And not a dime spent. Aren't you proud mom?


  1. Oh, how lovely. Thanks for taking us along. I laughed at the camera musings :) I also hate to see good books wasted on dusty shelves :(

  2. Oh my goodness I saw the first picture and said 'oh goodness she didn't buy that deer did she?' and I laughed at your last comment!

  3. Andrea - I can't believe you didn't buy the record. You can't go with 7 Beers and the Wrong Woman. :P I'm sure it was up for a grammy!

  4. This is such a great blog post! Lovely! I love antiquing, too, but rarely buy anything. Love that you live in the same state as me! If you are ever in Austin...

  5. The shoes look like a pair my grandma 'em!