Monday, November 15, 2010

Blog Changes:

I hate being sick. It makes everything move more slowly, or is it slower? See... I can't even write well when I'm sick.

My nose feels like someone has it in a vice grip, and I keep reaching to my head to take off the headband I'm sure is there.

Except there's no vice grip. And no headband.

Only me and my sniffling.

This blog is migrating to You can still use to get to me, but it will still take you to

That's because I'm about to launch a real website at It's not live yet, so if you click on that link it will only take you to a holding page. You can read about all the domains you can buy... not my idea of inspirational reading.

So to sum up..
1. I'm sick.
2. I'm sniffling.
3. I'm moving the blog, kinda like they moved the island. but not really.
4. is coming soon.

If you subscribe via an rss feed, or on Google Reader, you'll want to update your feed address to:

:) thanks.


  1. Love the LOST reference. Hope you feel better!

  2. Sick=yuck. Hope you're feeling better soon, Andrea!