Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Night Vision

A conversation with my sister this morning led to us discussing beauty, simplicity, and to quote her — "happy bubbles."

You know, those little things that seem slight and passing, but once captured can carry the beauty and hope to counter even the darkest nights.
“We are made happy when reason can discover no occasion for it. The memory of some past moments is more persuasive than the experience of present ones. There have been visions of such breadth and brightness that these motes were invisible in their light.” — thoreau
My sister has a way of finding beauty in her home, in her world. Across thousands of miles, while I drove to my dear friend's house, and while my sister washed dishes and corralled her little nest... we mused together.


This thing that invites brokenness and makes beauty abundant, even in the most unexpected places.
"We grow accustomed to the Dark, When light is put away." — emily dickinson
Maybe having night vision in this world is a gift of Grace. Being able to spot beauty, to shine a light when everyone else is growing accustomed to the dark.

I don't want to grow accustomed to the dark.



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