Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Late Night Rambling

Sometimes inspiration stays silent. Life runs it's course. We wake, we breathe, we work, we play, we hope, we sleep. I've had many days and nights of nothing-ness. Of boredom. Of the mundane things that must happen, but I tire of so quickly.

And then one day, a window hinges open and the wind rushes in. The first cardinal perches amid winter white and begins to sing. The leaves rustle and we can't help but turn our heads to notice something is changing.

Well... the windows are creaking, the cardinals are singing, the leaves are rustling and I can hardly sleep with anticipation for the new things I am looking at.

I can't fully disclose it all at this time, but your friendship, prayers, knowing nods and passed notes across our "social-networking table" mean a lot. Thank you for continuing to read as I navigate new waters.

It'll be fun... I hope ;)


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