Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Move

AH again... things get sorted into piles, "keep" "give away" "trash"...

Moving. The arduous process of packing up your belongings. Sometimes I'm tempted to box them up and dump them all without looking. I genuinely dislike having so many "things."

Things that have no value.
Things that have sentimental value, but mean nothing to a stranger.
Things to look at. Wonder at. Smile at.

Things that I have to dust. Clean. Put away. Open. Close. Forget about.


Boxes labeled "kitchen" "baby" "office" "master"...

can't I just label some of them "trash" or "open at your own risk."

The last time we moved, I had a box labeled "If You Drop This, I'll kill you." That's the absolute truth.

Perhaps I should label some things to say "Please Don't Steal This".. like the bottle of wine that never showed up after some "hired help" moved our belongings.

Moving. To 35 minutes south. A new neighborhood. New town with new places to eat and call "home". A new zip code.

I travel around the Web looking at interior design ideas, paint colors, furniture, fabrics... time to make a change.

A new start.

So about that box labeled, "Old Things." I think I'm ready to toss it.

On a side note, be sure to stop by my new Etsy store to see some paintings I've been doing. I'll do my best to add my new ones every week!


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