Tuesday, July 7, 2009

the simple life

everything serves as a reminder of comfort for me. i don't keep much around that i don't simply love to look at. photos of afternoons with friends. candles that fill this place with sweet fragrances.

sometimes the simple things in life seem the most beautiful. they simply are. just things. but little bits of something more. storytime. toytime. nighttime.

she is constantly learning and discovering. her world is filled with things she wants to touch, taste, hold, squeeze and stare at.

i love that she is learning what "smile" means. perhaps it's because i smile as huge as can be when i say it. that must be why those tiny cheeks scrunch under her big blue eyes with delight. two tiny teeth poke through red, raw gums. new growth. she is always changing.

a wonderland of her own. i hear coos at dolls from in the kitchen. she rattles and shakes balls and toys. concentration furrows her eyebrows when she can't figure out the purpose of things.

i love this tiny heart, fire, spirit, girl with all of my heart.


  1. Oh I love the pictures!! She is so cute, and you are such a lovingly good mommy!

  2. Oh Andrea, she is so beautiful! Jeremy thinks she looks so much like you :)

    I am praying that as you live these certain days out, you'll know and experience His near presence even at 3 am, even under those blankets (my visiting place too ;). We love you so much.

  3. You look radiant. Smooch that little princess for me.

  4. WOW!! That picture of the two of you is INCREDIBLE!!