Thursday, July 23, 2009

post-its i want to post around my house:

- your coffee is by the computer [or in the kitchen, in the bathroom by the curling iron, on top of the car].

- don't eat another muffin. [posted after i tear up the "do not eat any muffins" post-it]

- you can do this [on my bedside table to be seen every morning]

- the keys are by the computer [in the kitchen, in the fridge, in the bathroom by the curling iron, in maddie's crib, on top of the car]

- make more [on the coffee pot]

- maddie is not a vacuum. [on the vacuum]

- unless you do this, it won't get done [on the hampers, above the sink, above the diapers, above my bills, on my need-to-be-tweezed eyebrows]

- call them [on my iphone under every name of someone who has said 'if you need anything, call']

- hi. i'm your piano. play me.

- hang me [on every piece of art that is still leaning against a bare wall]

- call one of your guy friends [where there are gaping holes in the wall after i've attempted to hang the above-said art]

- don't do it [on my iphone after i've had a glass of wine and am tempted to send happy and/or honest e-mails, tweets, texts, facebook messages to everyone i know and don't know but apparently would like to annoy harass converse with.]