Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our Weekend Adventures

1. I hosted the girl's group the other night. When I say I "hosted", I mean I picked up some toys and shoved all my miscellaneous crap into closets before a bunch of my close friends arrived. We snacked on fruit, caramel, coffee, scones, and chocolate chip/brownie bites.

Now about those delectable bites. About 10 remained after the night ended. I set the lid on, thinking they may make fun snacks for Madeleine throughout the week.

Not so fast thrifty Andrea. 

The next day I gathered my work belongings: laptop, to-do lists, notebooks, phone, gum... and ventured out into DFW. Honestly, I didn't leave Keller, but it felt monumental to work somewhere else besides my kitchen counter. I enjoyed the day, creating with friends, listening to music I didn't know I had, relishing new routines and plans.

Yet I have a dog. A dog that adopted us. A dog that licks my toes (gross) and makes me want to puke everytime he "cleans" himself.

Imagine my horror to arrive home and see crumbs covering the floor, an empty container that once held the chocolate-y delights, and a dog whose heart was racing so fast he shook as he stood still. What is it with this dog and chocolate?

He's still alive. I think this is good news.

2. Sundays exhaust me. This one more than normal. A day that begins at 5 a.m. over the stove and ends at 9 p.m. with paint on my hands is a productive one, though my feet are begging for relief. It's days like today I cherish the quiet afternoon nap hours. The peace of a light breeze sweeping through the curtains, lulling me to sleep while the dog curls up at my feet.

Sounds nice right?

Too bad Maddie opted not to nap today, despite my various attempts and schemes to coax her into her crib; into a world of magical dreaming. My luring eventually turned to begging...

"Look Maddie... warm milk! In your crib!"
"Look Maddie... another cup of warm milk. In your crib again!"
"Maddie! I see a teddy bear waiting to hug you... in your crib!"
"Maddie, don't you want to dream about horses?"
"Maddie, Mommy would really love to rest. It's what big girls do. Don't you want to be a big girl?"
"Sweet child, please go to sleep. Please?"
"Oh my word. I think if you don't go to sleep, Mommy might turn into a screaming banshee and start crying uncontrollably. Will you just have mercy on this woman and close your eyes and a least try!?"

It eventually ended with... "Want to watch Yo Gabba Gabba?"

Judge if you must but at least I got a few minutes of chill time.

The stories around here seem to be abundant lately.


  1. It might just be me, but I always feel like I'm on somebody's weird drug trip when I watch Yo Gabba Gabba. :) Oddly enough that was the only show that would keep Titus' attention until he was two.

  2. I hope you had an early bedtime? :) TV, if used wisely, is definitely a mom's helper! No guilt!!

  3. Sara - I know what you mean! However, in the same way, it's the only show that fully keeps Madeleine's attention!

  4. Dee - I think Maddie had an early bedtime (I was at church)... I did not have an early bedtime! But I agree with you - TV, when used wisely, is a mom's best friend! :)